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Minecraft Rules

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Global server rules apply to the minecraft server with an addition of a few;

Please use the ticket system in our Discord server ( HERE ) 
To report anyone breaking rules. Please supply a recording or screenshot as evidence.

Perma banned in MC is perma banned on CSGO
Perma banned on CSGO is perma banned in MC
Temp banned players on CSGO can still play MC

PVP is allowed everywhere available
We would prefer it if Players only hunted staff, but you are free to PVP among each other aswell.
No major griefing, do not completely destroy people's houses.
No hacking clients

No Xray texture packs



You can use /sh to set your home, use /h to tp back to it with a 5 second waiting period.
This means that abuse of /spawn aswell as combat logging (which both currently are instant) will result in a ban (So, if you're in a pvp scenario, just use /h to make sure it's 5 seconds.)


This page does not cover all the rules; only the basic ones. If a staff member finds unfitting behavior they will moderate it accordingly.


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