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KTAN is on Jailbreak this month! Since the post was made so late, no time will be voted on - it will be held from 8pm onwards on Saturday 25th May. Join our discord for more announcements regarding this event!


Comment down below with the maps you want to be played.


In case you haven't participated in a KTAN before, it is a night where it is staff vs players, with the players winning prizes for performing well. This months prizes are 1 month server VIP for each map winner and 1 month global VIP for the overall winner.


3 maps will be played, the winner of each map is determined by the player with the highest score at the end of the map. The highest total score is the overall winner.

Good luck, hope to see you there.

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Prison Architect (One that not many know and its a good map with loads of games)

Not sure for the third one, mayb elike MLCastle to make it fair for staff


Two minecraft maps will be unbearable

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