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My resignation

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Although I do enjoy ENW and I have made many friends through ENW. I have found that it has taken over my life a little bit too much and I'm spending too much time sat playing video games rather than actually living life. Before I joined the ENW staff team I was averaging around 20+ hours per two weeks, after I joined that number spiked up to 50+ hours. 

This is a problem with working A-levels and managing my personal relationships.

As well as this, ever since I became staff I have been enjoying Jailbreak (my main server for playtime) less and less. 

My relaxation time has started to feel more and more like work and it's caused my hobby to turn brittle. 

I doubt I will be on ENW servers anymore as a whole, or at least very often but you may see me online every now and again. 


P.S In regards to the tournament, I will probably still participate. 


I'd like to say a special goodbye to the following for making my experience of ENW that much more enjoyable: 




















Peace Peace, cya!




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