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Surf Combat KTAN  

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UPDATE: KTAN will take place Saturday 16th (tomorrow) at 8pm. Enjoy!

Maps will be surf_dust2_2015, surf_10x_reloaded, and surf_japan


After a much shorter gap than before, we have another community event!
Surf Combat will be the home of this month’s KTAN (Kill The Admin Night), please vote in the poll to choose the time and date which is best for you, we will be using the most popular options.
For those that weren't here for last event on JB, KTAN is essentially players vs staff on one of our servers for an hour or two, this time it's Surf Combat. It will consist of staff on one team and the rest of the players on the other in a laid back event with the chance of winning some prizes.
The winners will be the players with the highest overall score at the end of each map.
The player with the highest combined score at the end of the three maps will receive 1 month of global VIP on all ENW servers and a discord role until the next KTAN.
The other 2/3 people who are top of each map will also receive the discord role of KTAN winner until the next KTAN, along with 1 month SC VIP.
We are also looking for 3 maps to play for KTAN, what are your suggestions?
Good Luck!

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Just now, Kasper said:

 the japanese looking one with big river in middle with the houses and the castle looking yolk

Do you mean surf japan? xD

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6 minutes ago, Kasper said:

if i did know i'd say the name wouldn't i (nice team in 5v5, free win for us no comp)

its a meme team 

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