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ENW Current State and 5v5 Tournament!

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Dear players of ENW,


Please read this post for an update of ENW's current position as well as an update regarding the 5v5 tournament!

Let's start off with ENW's current position: 

Recently ENW has been making less money of donations per month than the upkeep of ENW requires. This is sadly resulting in a constant loss of funds.
ENW is a not-for-profit organisation and every pound is put back into the servers but due to the recent loss of funds we have to make a move and we hope that you enjoy what we are bringing to you! 


What do we have to offer?
- We have recently talked with @Sodahyper he will be joining the team once again, supplying a new store as well as new items for the store, which will be sick!
Most of these new skins will be VIP only, resulting in some amazing exclusive skins.


- A Donate bot in Discord, here you can buy donator roles to show your amazing and much appreciated support! You keep the servers going and we owe you for that, all the donators will have their own text channel in discord!
We are also hoping that by adding a way of donating through Discord, we will be able to do more things such as bigger prize pools for tournaments, advertise ENW externally and much more!


- The ability to add shout-outs to your Donations. Message an owner for this! We will manually send out messages so you can shout out your socials (We will NOT charge extra for this!)

- We will also be extending the VIP/Helper packages. Please take a look at our new packages HERE!


Now onto the long awaited 5v5 tournament details!

The tournament sign ups will be kicking off NOW, get your team signed up! 
Check our Discord channel #tournament-information on instructions how to sign your team up, and who knows, maybe you walk away with the big prize shown below!

The tournament will be held somewhere in the beginning of April!


This time around, we will have a better prize pool than previous times, take a look for yourself!

- 1st place: 50 dollars in prize money, making it 10 dollars per player as well as global VIP for a month for each player!

  Also Discord "tournament winners" roles.
- 2nd place: Global VIP for each player for a month!
- 3rd place: Specific server VIP for each player for a month!

Please note that this prize pool will be funded entirely by the ENW leadership team and the amazing donators of this community. 
Donations which will exceed our monthly costs will go fully towards additional funding of this tournament.

Wanted to thank so much @Pride for helping with everything a lot and supporting us, plus much thanks to @Melt for donating and making this prizes possible ❤️ 


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Thanks to everyone for taking part in the Tournament we all enjoyed making it and being with you guys!

We have had a lot of great and intense matches but we have got our WINNERS:

-On first place we got MAD!RS who demolished all their enemies and won 50 dollars in prize money, as well global VIP for a month for each player! Also Discord "Tournament Winners"roles.
-On second place we got Alpha Males who maked their way to the finals but unfortunately didn't make it, but they still got Global VIP for each player for a month!

-On third place we got Brexiteers who won specific server VIP for each player for a month!

Tournament ENW had the most number teams signed up since any ever Tournament ENW had which we are really proud of, we had some issues during this tournament, but we gotta learn from them and avoid from doing them on the next tournament!

Thanks to all the staff members who helped me set up the servers and spectate games, of course thanks to @Josh for streaming the games, much appreciated!

Again thanks for all the teams who participated in the tournament, if you got knocked up pretty early like my team did 😞 don't worry you will have a chance on the second tournament cya till then ❤️

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