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Forum - Rules

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Forum Rules

  • You must only speak English. 
  • Do not use the shout box to discuss bans, please create a thread here using the format here.
  • No racism, discrimination, harassment or disrespect towards other users.
  • No inappropriate profile pictures, cover photos or signatures. 
  • Do not advertise any other game servers, websites or communities.
  • Do not bump a dead topic unless absolutely necessary, long running topics are fine such as the music thread (use common sense to determine the status of a thread). 
  • Do not discuss software piracy, hacking, illegal material, linking to these activities will not be tolerated.
  • Do not post any personal information about any users, this includes but is not limited to IPs, social media links and pictures. 
  • Do not reply to multiple people in different posts, include all in one post with multiple quotes or use the @ function to notify the user. 
  • Do not ignore staff members. 
  • Alternate accounts are not permitted in any form. 



Rules are subject to change at any time. Please make sure you are aware of the rules and abide by them at all times on our network.

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