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NEWS Vip JoinSounds

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As Previously stated i have decided to ask you guys for some vip sounds which you would want for the servers. 


After a talk between myself and ruizu we have decided due to the current amount of vips we decided that each vip will be able to choose one song they wish to have, 


yes this means more songs will be downloaded but after the compression they are already small enough files for most internets to download in a split second.


If you wish to have your own custom song on the server please follow the format:


In Game Name:

Steam-ID (64bit):  e.g 76561198276907793

Song: (youtube link)

Time Stamp: 


Vips will only be allowed to change their song once a month, this will not be tracked however you will need to send me a pm on discord regarding a change in music so i will know


If you don't already have vip you can purchase it here from as little as £2



Again any song considered to be against community guidelines will not be added.

You are free to send your song down below and i will be adding them soon

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