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Introduction new developer

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As many of you question who i am, i might aswell make a small introduction of who i am, what i do, and what my position will be in this community.


Ingame name: Travis:DHC:

Steampage: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198020728352/

Location: Denmark, used to liv in the U.S

Age: im of age.

Work: Game developer.


My relationship with the owners, got to know them when they got owner ship of this community, got a hold of them and asked if they need any help related to servers, plugins and such, began helping out with small stuff here and there and asked for a dev position days ago after a long discussion between all owners and me i got the position. 


The stuff im going to be working on in this community like galaxy is to fix anything related to server and such.


i been making plugins, porting models from css to csgo, and i used to work with nipper back in the days when he first started making maps in 1.6 for a small amount of time. Hopefully in good time when i get settled in i be on the look for any small bug report and such and fix them as soon as posible with the rest of the staff. 


Theres not much to tell, if you got any question, contact me in the forums or on discord, since i wanna keep my friendlist as limited as posible. ty!


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