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ALERT Best ENW memories

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Dayz with Mikey and HarryS, that bike shit was fucking hilarious. 

HupHop being warden on JB, stand on the wall and all of that. 

The times with Only Nothing, Cyle and Abc on H1Z1 before it became cancerous

The hours I've spent watching Schwarz control my PC

Learning to speak Schwarzish


Nah but really the meet ups were always the best, in both the UK and the Netherlands. Ik hou van jullie

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Still going to school when I joined ENW years ago. Logged on almost every day to play deathrun, and talk to people. I played some games before that were somewhat socializing as well (minecraft, arma, battlefield). But none of them could compare to the fun in conversations I had whilst in deathrun / jailbreak. Being so invested into a community was so much fun. And I hope one day it can happen again, in a different community, in a different game perhaps.


Had some ups and downs as some may know, but I've really enjoyed my time in ENW.


Medez did one of these, so I had to too:


also abusing admin powers was pretty fun;


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  • Battling on the legendary kz_bridge17 against viking
  • Becoming SL from being a regular member by pulling a Dankhus
  • Getting myself banned in the first 2 hours of being SL
  • Making kz more popular than jb/sc and then watching it die
  • Banning Budgie
  • Banning viking
  • Hitting 285 LJ after 2 long-ass years
  • AL with @defused❤️
  • Many great moments on kz (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Jpij5GoLo0)
1 hour ago, mEDeZ said:

Learning to speak Schwarzish

It truly is it's own language and a very special skill.
And finally a couple of videos I made:

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