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Skillinzo's Ban Appeal

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Your in-game name: Skillinzo


Your SteamIDSTEAM_1:1:171713993


Which admin banned you?: Zeroh


What is the ban length?: 3 months (expires on the 10th of September)


Why were you banned?: "Since the demotion, you've been extremely toxic to myself, Joran and other staff members both in servers and in discord. On top of this, you've also been pretty damn racist too, and also decided to blatantly ignore the rules. Have fun."


Why should you be unbanned?: Because I've served the majority of the time and admittedly I was very toxic and just a nuisance at the time. Now I'm just ready to enjoy the servers without trying to be a pain in the ass. I understand the ban reason and have already apologised to the likes of Zeroh for my behaviour.

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