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SaltyChips appeal

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Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198811792957/


Admin i was banned by : Zeroh


Steam id STEAM_0:1:425763614


Reason: always toxic + endeavour played on my account.


Ban length: Permanent. 


 Reason for unban: so yeah im a slight bit toxic because some people on the server have no clue on earth how to play and the only way to get the rules in their heads is to flame them a little and about the endeavour part,  he is my brother and  befor i got in the shower last night ( witch was the time he went on ) i turned my pc off so i have no idea how he even got on it because he doesnt know the password, anyways what im saying is that why should i get the punishment from my brothers actions? i mean technically i didnt do anything wrong apart from flame acouple people witch alot of users on the server do as much as me. im sorry for what my brother did and would try and stop it if i could have...  


Thanks admins -_-

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