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2 years and im back

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Its been over two years since my last post where I announced that I would be leaving CSGO to focus on other things, you can find that post here: 

Well I am glad to say that my interest in CSGO is restored, and I will most likely be active on the EN once again 🙂

It would be awesome to see some old faces if any of you remember me 

Ill see you all on the 1v1 and Jailbreak servers!




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1 hour ago, Randyman said:

1V1 is gone now 😞 But anyway welcome back! Wasn't around when you were but glad to see you got motivation for CS again!

That's a shame, but retake is just as fun! Ill probably be there instead then 


1 hour ago, Joey-Krytos said:

Welcome back! 👻


9 minutes ago, Legacyy said:

Welcome back! I didn't play jailbreak when you did however I do play it a little bit now. I hope our paths can cross in the future!

Thanks guys! I'm sure we will see each other in game 🙂 

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