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ENW's 5v5 Summer Tournament

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Extreme Network's Summer 5v5 Tournament


The long awaited 5v5 CS:GO Tournament will be running next weekend!

Starting from 18:00 BST on Friday 3rd August and finishing on Sunday 5th August, 40 of ENW's best and worst

players will be going head to head to win the grand prize that hasn't been announced yet because I honestly don't know what it will be.


The first stage is the Quarter Finals, which will be a best of 1 match up, with 4 of these matches being played on the Friday evening.

The Semi Finals consist of 2 best of 3s being played on Saturday by the victorious teams from the Quarter Finals.

The final will be played on Sunday as a single best of 3 match up!




Some things to go over

Cheating in any form will get you permanently banned from the community and your team disqualified, and may result in multiple bans for your teammates too.

We will be using an additional anti-cheat, so we encourage you not to try and push your luck. This is a fun community tournament, not FaceIt.


Being in any comms other than the dedicated discord channel will get you banned and your team disqualified. If you join a team's discord channel when they are playing,

you too will be banned.


We are by no means expecting it, but if every member of the team contributed even a tiny amount towards the community, like £1, we would gain a sizable amount

of money. Everything we make, from the tournament or otherwise, is always reinvested into Extreme Network.


Whilst we have not fully organised the ins and outs of it, by being part of the tournament you explicitly allow us to record and live stream the event.

The streamer will be announced in the following week. If you wish to apply to be the streamer or even cast the matches, you are welcome to message me about it.


Our terms of service apply to anything and everything that we do. We advise that you read them before attending the event or renewing your VIP subscription.



Many thanks and good luck!

Comrade Medez

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Friday 3rd August will be our first match, starting at 6pm BST!


If you would like to watch XiWon and Certified Gamers go head to head for a spot in the Semi Finals, or any of the other games happening in the tournament,

make sure you follow iAqua on Twitch.tv and tune in to the stream throughout the weekend!


@iAqua will be your 5v5 Tournament live stream host.

Be sure to check it out!

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Before the match


-All team members should arrive on time. The more late people we have, the later everyone has to wait for their turn. Don't be a dick ❤️

Join your team's channel. Please do not connect to another team's channel.

If you are not a member of a team, connecting to a Tournament voice channel will get you banned.


- Team Captains will be moved into a separate channel where they will go through the map veto process. Only team captains should be in the voice channel.

Team members can communicate with their Captain via pm.


- Set your name to your known ENW alias so that everyone can recognise you.


During the match


- When the map has been selected, join the Tournament server. Your Team Captain will be given the IP and password for the server, as well as which team they should join.

To connect directly to the IP, head to the in game console and type 'connect [ip:port] [password]'


- When all players have connected, type .gaben in chat to set yourself as ready. All players must do this.


- For a Best of 1 matchup, the knife round will begin after everyone has readied up. Players should not delay this round.

 The winning team's Captain should type .switch or .stay, depending on whether their team wishes to start on the T or CT side.


- Each team will have 3 pauses at their disposal, each 30 seconds long, which can be used for any reason. The Captain must type .pause or .unpause - the round will unpause after 30 seconds automatically.

To check how many pauses are left, type .pauses_used

Should the game need to be paused for an indefinite amount of time due to a player reconnecting, one of these slots will be taken up.


-If a player is having a connection issue and the team has an organised stand in, they may connect instead. Please note that once a player has been replaced like this,

they cannot return to the server and must disconnect from the Discord Team Channel.

This decision is entirely up to the Team Captain.


- This may be a community event, but we are still aiming for a competitive environment for the tournament. Please do not troll your teammates or opponents during the matches.


- Abuse of any kind between players and teams will not be accepted. Teams will be disqualified and players will be banned for this.


After the match


-Be sportsmanlike and respectful to your opponents, especially if you just won.


- Don't fucking cry about losing.


- Disconnect from the server only when the game is completely finished. Its always possible to clutch the round.



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Server Commands


In game player commands:

.gaben - Set yourself as ready (during warmup).
.unready - Unready yourself.


In game Team Captain commands:
.pause  - Call timeout during freezetime.
.unpause - Call unpause during timeout.
.pauses_used - Show total team pauses used.
.switch - Decide to switch teams (for knife round winner).
.stay - Decide to stay (for knife round winner).

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The Veto Process


For Best of 1s:

Each Team Captain will be pulled into the appropriate voice channel in Discord. A randomiser will be used to determine which Captain gets to pick the first map to veto.

After that, each Captain will take it in turns to strike off a map that they and their team to not wish to play. At the end, there will be 1 map remaining, which will be the one that the match shall be played on.


For Best of 3s:

Each Team Captain will be pulled into the appropriate voice channel in Discord. A randomiser will be used to determine which Captain gets to pick the first map to veto.

After both teams have vetoed one map each, the first Captain will choose a map that they wish to play. The other Captain will decide which side they wish to start on on that map.

The same will happen again, except the roles are reversed - the Captain that picked which side they wanted to start on will now pick the second map, and the other Captain will choose their side.

The third and final map will be randomly selected from the remaining maps.


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Congratulations to

Mr Kipling

Chief, WebbyS, Nitro, Mist, TobyC

who are the champions of the ENW 5v5 Tournament!


MVP goes to BRADRS for the undeniable highlight  of the tournament.


Thanks to everyone that got involved - you will all be rewarded!

Unfortunately Schwarz is in Cuba and they do not permit the use of PayPal, and Schwarz has the community money in his personal account.

When he's back, we I will announce the tournament prizes!


Special thanks to iAqua for streaming the whole event, Joram for the technical support and HupHop for emotional support - I'd have been weeping about you.

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