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In and out of ENW

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Hi all,


We have recently had some more cuffuffle than normal when it comes to people claiming what is in and out of Extreme Network and the wider community, whether it constitutes a ban or if it should weigh into a member of staff's consideration at all. With this post, I wish to clarify our community's stance on this.


All reports of players have to be accompanied by evidence or a member of staff acting as witness to the rule breaking. If sufficient evidence cannot be provided, no ban can be issued. This post only addresses this particular issue; this is by no means a complete list of banable offences. If you do not know our rules, take a look here.


You may face punishment if you are found to have been doing any of the following and the victim of your rule breaking wishes to pursue a ban:

 - Abusing a player through Extreme Network (i.e. the forums, our servers, our discord etc.)

 - Revealing confidential information about players such as their place of work, home address, their full name or IP (this does not include a player's real first name)

 - Spreading pictures of a player or something similarly private without explicit permission, regardless of whether it is kept within ENW or not


Whether or not something is within ENW or not has not been specifically addressed before. As such, we will not be banning players that previously did such things and have not yet been banned for it, unless they are an exceptional circumstance.

To qualify as a player, you have to frequently engage with the community via the servers, forums or discord.


The reason we have taken this stance is because we want Extreme Network to be the best and most friendly community that it can be. If you are a racist, for example, and are being racially abusive towards a member, we do not care if it is done on the servers, the forums, facebook, twitter or any other such platform; if you are that kind of person, you are not welcome in ENW.



Schwarz, Medez & Joram

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