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mybe im retarded but something i like to do

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im orginal from latvia and there is some shit designs from my old days when i like it to do 


mobile app not finnished and never finnish - https://imgur.com/a/ZAQ3Y


web (last design) - https://imgur.com/a/hTesx


web 2 - https://imgur.com/a/TxeCh


web 3 not finnished - https://imgur.com/a/O5372


web 4 - https://imgur.com/a/SrdN9


web 5 - https://imgur.com/a/3aULg


web 6 - https://imgur.com/a/uWgRh


some shit from year ago - https://imgur.com/a/eho3k https://imgur.com/a/lFL1H


web 8 - https://imgur.com/a/8XAil



i think is more like logo and web designs u.t.t i cant found on my cd



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