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Robin's Developer Log

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Here's an up-to-date list of the shit I do and fix on DarkRP / wherever Joram let's me in the hopes that at some point it can be used as evidence for a Developer app.



[ADDED] - denotes a particular feature fully implemented onto the release branch.

[REMOVED] - denotes a particular feature fully removed from the release branch.

[ALTERED] - change made to a released feature on the release branch.

[FIXED] - bugfix applied to an implemented feature

[In Progress] - denotes a feature that has had some progress made, it's almost in a workable state but is not yet on the release branch. It may be found on the development branch.



Log So Far:


11th Jan 2018 

[ADDED] DarkRP - Variable cocaine prices

[ALTERED] DarkRP - Cocaine prices are now varied on 2 tier system. 1 in 20 chance of producing high quality cocaine ($5-10k) as opposed to regular ($900-2k)

[ADDED] DarkRP - City navigation signs

[REMOVED] DarkRP - NLR Notification System (with a view to remove the NLRule from the DarkRP Rules)

[FIXED] DarkRP - List of jobs which can rob Police Armoury

[FIXED] DarkRP - Bank Robbery allowed jobs/required jobs

[FIXED] DarkRP - Money Stack ($500k reward) has job requirement fixed.

[FIXED] DarkRP - Bug where anti-propminge system would ruin Fading Door materials


[ADDED] DarkRP - Anti-Cheat beyond GAC and VAC.

[ADDED] DarkRP - Anti-Cheat additional player-side Lua scans implemented.

[ADDED] DarkRP - Anti-Cheat playerview capture.

[ADDED] DarkRP - MOTD with rules.

[ADDED] DarkRP - Plant Marketplace

[REMOVED] DarkRP - Serious Businessman

[FIXED] DarkRP - Military player models (T-Posed)

[FIXED] DarkRP - T-Posed Breen

[FIXED] DarkRP - T-Posed Eli

[FIXED] DarkRP - General T-Pose resolved for future problems

[FIXED] DarkRP - Crash when certain jobs were selected in F4 menu.

[FIXED] DarkRP - Excessive sign spam at spawn removed - because Joram complained >:(

[ADDED] DarkRP - Special Chat-Tags for Owners - Joram, Medez, Schwarz.



12th Jan 2018

[ADDED] DarkRP - Thirdperson (!thirdperson or /thirdperson) - as a gift to Joram.

[ADDED] DarkRP - Meth Cook and Meth System

[FIXED] DarkRP - Meth Entities

[ALTERED] DarkRP - Hostname and hostname system


15th Jan 2018

[ALTERED] DarkRP - Salaries of Government Officials substantially to increase playability.

[ALTERED] DarkRP - Property Price is now $200 per door.

[ALTERED] DarkRP - Gang members can now do damage to one another.

[ALTERED] DarkRP - Money Reset courtesy of Joram

[FIXED] DarkRP - VIP Autogiver

[In Progress] DarkRP - Fishing System to give additional non-malicious job options (will be on par with one of the drug systems (probably cocaine))

[In Progress] DarkRP - Smartphones

[In Progress] DarkRP - Smartphone App to control IEDs

[In Progress] DarkRP - Smartphone App to contact Police/Paramedics

[In Progress] DarkRP - Prime Minister is determined through periodic election campaigns.

[In Progress] DarkRP - Nuanced Economy that responds to the amount of money in circulation.

[In Progress] DarkRP - Prime Minister problem-scenarios. Choose a response, invest to give services more money at the cost of the overall economy.

[FIXED] DarkRP - Cocaine Lab now produces a lot more money than it did

[In Progress] DarkRP - ULX Immunities

[In Progress] DarkRP - some dedicated, fully complete properties that are permanently given to a player/gang. Recurring fee to the owner.

[In Progress] DarkRP - Fires and fire system - implemented/hooked into the entity's explosion methods. Will require firefighters.

[In Progress] DarkRP - Complicated Heists similar/akin to PAYDAY heists. [very raw]

[In Progress] DarkRP - Metal detectors for weapons for government offices/buildings.

[ADDED] DarkRP - Sign indicating that you can't enter PD unless you're Government. No healing for you!

[In Progress] DarkRP - Citywide Bus transport - because who wants to walk everywhere.


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