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Christmas cheer

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In celebration of Christmas and the fact you are all disowned by your parents, I shall be Santa for you, however, my presents to all you peasants are like coal. There will be 11 winners, there will also be 10 Battle-scarred AK-redlines up for grabs and one lucky kiddo will be getting an R8 Revolver fade Fn and a key, wooohooo. I know the skins are aids, that is the point, however, money is money so do what is right and gamble what you win. And before anyone goes out of their way to say I don't own the skins, I've got them stored on opskins as you can see.



Rolling winners on Jan 1st, got to let the banned kiddos enter as well.

To enter just like or comment your choice.


Happy holidays you nonces. 


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