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My attempt to merge with ENW once again.

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13 hours ago, Rayy said:


Yo ^^


11 hours ago, schwarz said:

Cant imagin that you are back , sir deathrunner 


<3 welcome <3

It's good to be back baby :)


10 hours ago, LPS said:

Welcome baaack. Send some more food snaps.

9 hours ago, schwarz said:

Food Asia :p

There's one coming today ^^


2 hours ago, Dankhus said:

Welcome back! Never met you, but feel free to hop onto KZ, the server got created while you were gone. :D Bonus: the server is weeb-free.


2 hours ago, LPS said:


I'll make sure to swing by ^^
I don't have anything against them, as I watch anime myself :P



1 hour ago, Austin said:

Appears it is time to change your steam profile picture.

Noh, never :P

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