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ban appeal or shortening pls

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i would like to have an ban appeal or at least shortening of the ban time


i think the reason was chat spam but im not sure since i stopped almost immediately, but since that was the day before this im not sure

any way i was already muted for 30min and then out of nowhere a admin(harry) unmutes me and then immediately mutes and gags me for 4.4 days


so if its possible to at least ungag me, then please do


Player the anal penetrator
Steam ID STEAM_1:0:58889690
Steam3 ID [U:1:117779380]
Steam Community 76561198078045108
Invoked on 23-08-17
Block length 4 d, 4 hr
Expires on 27-08-17
Blocked by Admin Harry

Blocked from

[ENW:UK] JailBreak [Rank|Store] - Extreme-networ...

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First of all you earned yourself a nice little mute for being toxic and playing something down your mic, then you proceeded to continue to be toxic in chat and you called a player a faggot, then I thought wow this guys seems like a top block so I had a look at your chat logs and I realised that you are a constant nuisance in there, I'll pick some of my favourite quotes:

  • "what do pizzas and jews have in common.... the burned ones taste better" x4
  • "niggev" x2 
  • "I didn't crouch you autistic faggot" x4  
  • "Unmute pls I have learned, I will not say the "N word" again" x13 
  • "Fucking Muhammed rules, Ni..."

So after all of that I thought wow lets see how many gags this solid lad has received... wait 0 hmm? Seems like you deserved a tad extension. I couldn't help but use my admin powers to abuse you sorry.









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