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M4A4 vs M4A1-S

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M4A4 vs M4A1-S

Just a little discussion, 

Which do you use, why?

What skin do you use?

What skin do you like/want?


I currently use the m4a1-s, dark-water statrak with a few nice stickers.

I'm just not feeling the m4a1-s anymore there just isn't enough bullets.


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  • M4A1-S:
  • Personally my favourite, more accurate and easier to headshot.
  • Once you shoot a few bullets it becomes a bit less accurate and bad unless you know the spray pattern
  • Use Battle-scarred decimator, actually looks cool
  • Probably a knight


  • M4A4
  • Don't particularly use it much, but the spray pattern is much easier and basic so missing hits isn't as hard
  • Not as accurate so head shotting isn't as easy (As in the consistency due to its spray pattern.)
  • Use no skin as of now
  • StatTrack FN Desolate Space (Yes, I don't really like the howl personally, treat it more like a collectors item instead)

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