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5v5 Tournament

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Sunday League vs Piece of cake 3pm - Sunday win

Heart desire vs pugginators 7:30 - 8pm start




The lobe vs retakes scrubs 6pm




Inb4win vs Sunday League 3pm 


The Lobes vs Pugginators  5pm


Thursday: final


? vs ? 3pm


I shall edit after games.

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The lobes are officially disqualified from the 5vs5 tournament, Netflix (SunnyD) has admitted to cheating in the tournament, none of us knew about this information so to some of us, this information comes with a huge shock.


As for the tournament, a discussion will be held and changes will be suggested/made in another topic or this 1. It's all pretty unclear atm


If you have any suggestions, please message me on the forums.



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I'm not redoing the whole tournament, there will be another one soon. There will be the playoff like huphop said. I don't care if any of you think its unfair or whatever, that is final. Obviously we didn't know he hacked, but he told us whilst drunk and showed evidence. This is not to be discussed anymore.

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