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The legend of the Magnum King

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It was a good morn, the sun was high in the sky burning down on many, one women had a child, his name twas Magnum born into a poor family but they were happy.


Here is him as a baby:





Magnum boy grew up strong he loved sports his favorite being baseball, Tennis and archery:






Then one day he was strolling across the streets of kidlington and he saw a great sword stuck in a stone, many were gathered around said stone. He gasped as he saw hunky men trying to pull the sword out of the stone, he cried "Why do these beautiful sweaty men do this", Prisoner Zach said (with a sniffle of the nose) "Got any cocaine?". Magnum boy thought could I really become king if I draw this sword from Dwayne Johnson and he just did that:







From then he was crowned the Magnum king he met many beautiful women:





Happy birthday dylan







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