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How to Record Demos

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Hello! I wanted to show in this little tutorial how you can record demos. Well, it might be a simple tutorial, but still; I wanted to show here the Importance for a Ban Request it is. With a Demo, you would have all the evidence easily for a Report of an Admin or Player.

1.Open your Console while playing in our Servers and type in => record <the name of the demo you want>


2.If you are done with taking evidence,type => stop to stop recording; otherwise you would have a big .dem file about 50-70mb~.

3.If you want to rewatch your recorded demo,type => demoui to get on the menu and load up the demos.



3b.When you are already playing your demo(with => playdemo <demo name> ,press Shift+F2 to get the menu while you are playing the recorded demo.


4.You can find your demos here => X:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo .Just search it what you have named it.

5.Lastly, you can upload it to a uploader and post it as evidence.

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