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Update of Extreme-Network

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  • Added a speed meter to the 'Bhop Combat' Games day, also if you're travelling below 350 units of speed on the day you're unable to do damage
  • Added a new plugin for Open/Closing cells without using the cell button https://extreme-network.net/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/6048-jamies-plugins/
    If you have any ideas for the server then please feel free to put them in my pm's on discord @Jamie#0238 or alternatively just make a suggestion post inside the discord or on the forums 😄

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Surf combat:

Maps removed:

- surf_megagreen

- surf_poolday

Maps added:

- surf_buck_wild_2

- surf_greatriver_classic


-Added improved hitreg plugin

-Added gun menu in spawn

-Added MM ranks back and changed the values e.g. 8000 points for The Global Elite (I will make the values higher if it becomes more popular)
-Removed overhead info in FFA


Also planning on chaning the whole map pool so PM me on discord if you want any maps removed or added.

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- Significantly lowered download times for new players, removed hats/masks as they were unused and a lot of custom models

- Custom arm models (to lower download time) are now for VIP's only



- Fixed custom arms... properly. No longer any invisible arms with the arms fix.

- Removed a bunch of now useless plugins (Bye bye Instincts Pipeline force gun plugin :,( )

- Optimised a bit inside of games and Jailbreak core, made a bit of stuff easier for future server leader of JB (Whoever that may be)


All Servers

I am still working on new Join Sounds for VIP's, it takes quite a while as I have to edit all the songs and shit so please be patient :,)

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Changes to the map pool have been made and the new map list is:












VIP Shop:

Added custom AWP skins

Removed custom player models

I am also going to change the mm rank values.

Before I made changes to the server but they kept changing back however we’ve sorted that issue out now so surf should be operating smoothly from now on! Also, if anyone wants any changes to be made, make a suggestion in #suggestions in the discord server.

Make sure to join surf combat on

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[HnS] New plugin!!


Thanks to bagout, my idea of hns having holdable weapons has now come to be.


To use: type !guns, choose a weapon and you will be given that weapon starting the round after.

(this feature is exclusive to vip’s only)

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Updated Jailbreak games a bit, fixed the Bhop Combat game

Fixed VIP Armour, removed the optional menu. Unfortunately this clashes with custom arms on the store so I am looking into this :/

Fixed Jailbreak Ratio


Please keep posted for events and such, I will be reopening the server tomorrow at 12pm and between the time of 12pm-5pm I will be giving away 1 month of discord Nitro Classic and 2x 1 month of Jailbreak VIP (all coming from my pocket) so make sure you're active :D 

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Maps added




Maps removed





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