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NEWS Update of Extreme-Network

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Joker [VIP] For terrorist.

Tron [VIP] For Counter.

Wildcat [VIP] terrorist.

Shadow Trooper [VIP] Counter.

Batman [VIP] Counter


Will be removing the prisoner models for now since lots of people are experiencing error problems. There will be prisoner models added later on when im done porting them to csgo.

If you are experiencing errors on the server, please do the following.


Open csgo folder, look for the model and delete it from there and materials aswell, if you have a hard time locating the model, delete the whole model/material folder and rejoin the game and server to see if its fixed, if the problem keeps happening, contact me TravisDHC on discord.

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Jailbreak server update. Added 2 none models for purchase with credits for all players on the server, although they cost abit. Spy from team fortress 2 Halo red version ------- Recreated a small plugin from 1.6 to csgo the following plugin can only be used by an admin. The admin will execute a command then turn a player into the "Frog Pepe" and the sound "i am an idiot" will only play to the person it got executed on. It will only be used in special cases such as in "Trivia" the winner can pick the "Pepe" among the losers. When becoming the Pepe you can only knife during the round, you cannot pick up guns, you will turn into a Pepe Model during the round with a glowing effect. We will test this for the next week and see how it goes if its either fun, entertaining or its rather useless during the gameplay. Nothing will be kept unless the community wants it!

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Added Maps:



Removed Maps:

kz_minimalism (crashes all users on the server)

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Re-added Player Skins:

- Batman(CT) [VIP]


- Donald Trump (CT) [VIP]

- Kim Jong Un (CT) 7500 Credits


- Changed Egypt Mummy from VIP to Non-VIP Costs now: 7500 Credits


- Returned Halloween's Exclusive Skins for 1 Week

- Jack Sparrow 8500 Credits

- Freddy Krueger 6500 Credits

- Jason 4000 Credits


The Exclusive Player-Skins, will be buyable for 1 week, those who managed to buy it, will still have it after the week.
but, those who didn't manage to buy the skins, will unfortunately, need to wait till next halloween event!


Start Date: 10/11

End Date: 17/11

The Exclusive Player-Skins are for both CT/T Sides

- Re-added Jackpot



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  • Added - Warden can now mute ts for 1 minute twice per round,
    • sm_tmute sm_mutet sm_mutets
    • If any warden are to abuse this system it will result in a ban and if you see someone doing so be sure to report it giving a date as i have added a logging message to prevent abusers


Almost forgot Any bugs make a post or dm me on discord 

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Added maps:

  • jb_carceris_hill
  • jb_tropico
  • jb_oasisv07 (New default)
  • jb_minecraft_fippin_beta
  • jb_lost_planet_fix
  • jb_fentex_fix
  • jb_Delta_9_KB_RAGE
  • jb_chicken_island_b2
  • jb_arcade_b4
  • ba_jail_future_v2a
  • jb_healon_v1

Removed maps:

  • ba_jail_AnttideA_A099
  • jb_last_encounter_csgo
  • ba_toobalot_v4
  • jb_jail_gate_v1
  • jb_waterside_v5_1
  • jb_obama_v5_beta (Temporarily)

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The minimum Ammount of gamble is:1k Credits
The maximum Ammount of gamble is now:50k Credits

(be aware that the odds are 70-30 in favor to the server, so watch out losing all your credits on high gambles)



The minimum Ammount of Jackpot is:250 Credits

The maximum Ammout of Jackpot is now:7.5k Credits


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JailBreak/Surf Combat: 


Hello guys, in this update we have decided to add a huge variety of new Auras, on the previous updates we mainly focused on cool vip items, but this time we have decided to add a great things for Non-VIP and obviously much greater things for VIP.

Because of some expensive items in the Store, me and Ruizu have decided to give free 100k Credits to each person who buys a VIP (buying Helper counts as VIP) till the next week (if you buy VIP make sure to message @Ruizu so you get your 100k credits) which is 5/12 (added an extra day so it would land on Ruizu's Birthday), or a Global Package. Everything was added to a Category named: Particles and we moved trails into it as well.

Its pretty late for Halloween but we are not gonna wait till next year, so we have added 3 cool Auras for Halloween under the category "Exclusive Auras" that cost 25k credits each and will last 1 week till 5/12 so be fast!:


1) Skulls (Halloween).
2) Fading Ghosts (White_Halloween).
3) Fading Ghosts (Rainbow_Halloween).


Also, we have added 2 Special Effects for VIP only:

1) A special effect when you spawn that lasts for 5.5 seconds.

2) A special effect that occurs only when you shoot with a gun.


Trails (VIP) is temporarily removed

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Retake Servers:


Added to Store:


Custom Knives:

  • Master Sword Zelda
  • Fidget Spinner
  • BALROG-9 World Championship [VIP]
  • NextPurple [VIP]
  • Zero's Sword [VIP]

Custom Weapons:

  • AK-47 Cat Gun
  • Neptunia's AWP [VIP]
  • Deagle Vocaloid [VIP]

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