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Replay and AA

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  • On the Bunny Hop server and all the others it seems that they share similar settings including air acceleration (AA). Now for Bunny Hop servers it is necessary for settings to be set to certain values in which the AA on ENW is incorrect for this server and its game type, I ask for the AA to be increased to 1000 as this is default across majority of Bunny Hop servers on Gmod, CSS, and also CS:GO. - DONE

  • Secondly, a more tricky and unlikely implementation is Bunny Hop replay bots. If you are unsure of what this entails, each style will have a replay bot (Normal, SW, W-Only, A/D-Only etc) for the world record runs/times. This allows players to view the route that the player takes allowing the player to make improvements potentially setting a new record, and of course this would help seek out hackers as the use of them would be obvious in the bot replay. I've seen this on bunny hop servers on CS:S/Gmod, and on KZ servers on CS:GO which suggests that this is possible and maybe if devs can get their hands on this plugin they could implement it into the bhop plugin. 

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Well about replay , there are Other version but private plugin , mean need to buy it , since donate is very just goal for pay the machine , web , cp etc , for the moment enw cant purchase any plugin .

Ok check for first

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Hmm, here a little part:

new Handle:g_hReplayBotPlayerModel = INVALID_HANDLE;
new String:g_sReplayBotPlayerModel[256];  
new Handle:g_hReplayBotArmModel = INVALID_HANDLE;
new String:g_sReplayBotArmModel[256];  
new Handle:g_hReplayBotPlayerModel2 = INVALID_HANDLE;
new String:g_sReplayBotPlayerModel2[256];  
new Handle:g_hReplayBotArmModel2 = INVALID_HANDLE;
new String:g_sReplayBotArmModel2[256];  


just search up for ReplayBot, maybe copying that to the timer it would take a bit time to make it work.

Oi schwarz plz make test server <4

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