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  4. Surf Combat: Shop Additions: - New [VIP] Arm custom models - New [VIP] Awp weapon models - New [VIP] Knife weapon models Other: - Re added [VIP] tags
  5. Jamie

    VIP Join Sounds

    Who hurt you? 😞
  6. Jailbreak: Updated Jailbreak games a bit, fixed the Bhop Combat game Fixed VIP Armour, removed the optional menu. Unfortunately this clashes with custom arms on the store so I am looking into this :/ Fixed Jailbreak Ratio Please keep posted for events and such, I will be reopening the server tomorrow at 12pm and between the time of 12pm-5pm I will be giving away 1 month of discord Nitro Classic and 2x 1 month of Jailbreak VIP (all coming from my pocket) so make sure you're active :D
  7. bring back 2016 jb and its players then jb will be fun again!
  8. Purppell

    Favourite songs

    Spotify > J.cole > artist's pick > Revenge playlist. This is pretty nice, favourite song on it is too hard to choose.
  9. weeb enw had players, non-weeb enw did not simp 😬
  10. Don’t you ever say that about Riri ever again
  11. Riri bad role model banned half of ENW from Valorant and League discs
  12. i swear to god if there is anything weeb related i am going to be upset
  13. get the old bm back, idm you eventually improving it but laundering and contra was fun af
  14. Shit, how has he clocked it?
  15. For some strange reason these retards decided to make me Jailbreak server leader? I guess I actually have to do something now :/ After some perc 30's, coffee and a wank I actually brain stormed some ideas for the server so to keep you guys in the loop here's what's up! I am in the process of re coding the whole games plugin Looking into a new Black Market Re coding Tags plugin Non over powered gangs (Maybe?) Making my own maps and player models :) A lot of this shit takes some time so please be patient ladies I do hope I can live up to the amazing example set by the best server leader of Jailbreak like ever, my superstar, Riri (Sorry @Zeroh) I've also set my timer for 1 month when I can go inactive and wait for demotion Please keep posted though, updates are on the way!
  16. Earlier
  17. I say good riddance to the sour faced cow.
  18. poor old lady will be dead soon god save the queen 😱😭😒
  19. Swear that's your mum
  20. Norm

    Absolute Magnificence

    God save the queen.
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