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  1. Yesterday
  2. HNS Changed mapnames from <map> to <map_enw> (if you have slow download speed, you can rename that map in your folder, I mostly did this so players could play both ENW and other servers without deleting different maps every time) Maps added: hns_flowtown_enw hns_backlot_enw hns_penumbra_enw Feel free to send me DM's to me if you want to see certain maps added/ updated
  3. Last week
  4. i do like jack swagger's patriot one and randy orton's voices theme song
  5. That's not weird at all. Some of them are bangers like Rey mysterios and John Cenas
  6. i've been listening to a lot of different genres Rap= new joyner album, nf, logic Rock = random ones that i find pop = ariana grande, camila cabello and billie eilish I also listen to some of wwe superstars theme songs but that's a weird one
  7. Is that even a question? Billie eilish obviously. And just some summer vibes. Fair enough thats a sick album
  8. ngl i been banging this out since it came out. But I listen to most American rappers, trust me I know a lot about it, but right now I've been feeling uzi, drake and roddy But @Krytos_0 what are you listening to?
  9. Usual bands I listen to e.g. Waterparks, Grayscale, As It Is, Creeper, With Confidence etc
  10. lo fi boriswave beats to relax/get brexit done to
  11. woke up chris birmingham oh my god im the lad im so dabbing i can nae nae i just facetimed boqua happy birthday to my favourite 3rd worlder, pizzatron please donate to the serbian government to hamper pizza's quality of life kind retards, sniffler
  12. Bhop Combat Fixed Dhooks extension Added RNGFix Added: cs_workout de_bazaar de_biome de_coast de_kaizen de_season de_studio de_santorini de_subzero de_cbble_enw Removed: de_train
  13. Jailbreak Fixed some bugs with zones Changed new default map to jb_fentex_fix_enw Added: jb_august_2k17_v1c_enw jb_avalanche_csgo_b6_enw jb_fentex_fix_enw jb_leaderminecraft_enw jb_renegade_v5_enw jb_hogwarts_fix2_enw Removed: jb_marioworld_rsc_fix_enw - (Had too many broken games on it).
  14. Earlier
  15. What about cannoning rules? TNT duping rules? Whats the economy? Can I use scripts to harvest sugar cane? Is there a delay for cannons? You're missing so much shit
  16. Only a small amount of help
  17. too much to read. next
  18. I will say you have my attention
  19. my guy on my team gang shit u lot are gone
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