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  3. Probably No, unless its a Easter Egg. This is way before Altair's times.
  4. na its Excalibur, im not sure if Altair's sword is even in AC valhalla
  5. Any of you man play valhalla? if you want to know how to get the best weapon in the game @ me
  6. jb_quake jb_undertale jb_moti2_final
  7. The maps I suggest for KTAN, Undertale Arcade Clouds - Balanced map - Enough rebel opportunities - Good games Maps I don't suggest, Vipinthemix Obama Quake - Very T sided - Only a few good games - RNG if you get a rebel cell or not I would pick the same kind of maps for KTAN. If you choose Undertale, Clouds and Obama (for example) most of the score will come from Obama. That could make it so the other two maps don't matter as long as you get an average score.
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    0:22-0:32 Also added this
  9. three great maps if arq ever gets unbanned xD good choice undertale is once of the best maps out there spy vs spy , peanuts and obama
  10. mist, old vipinthemix, clouds_v2 i hope to see arq unbanned 😞
  11. Hello Gamers, Yes you heard correctly, Jailbreak is re releasing. With the re release brings back an old favourite just for you OGs, a certain plugin made by Pruppet himself. We will also be releasing with our own custom made LR plugin so hope you enjoy that ;0 Friday at 8pm Jailbreak will open, upon opening there will be an instant KTAN so below vote on the three maps you would like to see. Same rules as always, all staff will go on ct and then players will attempt to kill the staff members. The player with the most score at the end of each map will receive Jailbreak VIP for one month, the winner with the most overall score at the end of the three maps will receive global helper (upon approval from leadership)! Along with maps, put in anything old/new you want to see in and we will look into adding it ❤️ Hope to see you all there
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    0:14-0:23 this should be added 100%
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  14. Denied use format I told u about
  15. We already have a forum post that you can give VIP song suggestions... Welsh kid
  16. Add Polo g 21 and Heartless, XXX Sad and Pop smoke Dior
  17. no bagout did not do it. you would know it was pruppet but you are not og so therefore you need to shush
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